All Winner's Comments

Here's are a list of the comments we've received from the lucky people who've won one of the competitions on this site.

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D.Bracken - Roary Racing Car

"Thank You very much!! My Roary Racing car arrived yesterday, my little boy will love this. I like others thought this was too good to be true when I saw that I had won. I thought that it was a scam of some kind, but now I know this is no scam, I have told all my friends about your site. Many thanks again."

S.Alves - Weekend Break in Paris

"Many thanks for the cheque for my Weekend Break in Paris It was a lovely surprise to win after so many tries!! Hope you all have a lovely Christmas. Best wishes."

E.McCarthy - Magimix Ice Cream Maker

"Thank you very much for the beautiful Magimix Ice Cream Maker you have sent me as my prize won on Instantwin4now. I am really pleased to have won this. My Grandchildren will really appreciate it too."

Camping Starter Kit

C.Clasby - Camping Starter Kit

"Hello, I would love to leave a comment. I must admit I was in a state of denial when I saw 'Congratulations' rather than 'Sorry..' Got all excited and rang my Mum and Dad who laughed as I live in the city and don't have a garden to camp in. Still can't believe I won, cant wait for it to arrive. Many Thanks."

Reebok Stepper and Video

J.Porter - Reebok Stepper and Video

"I thought this would be a scam!! I never win anything. The staff were friendly and helpful."

J.Allen - Travel Guide to California & £250 Towards Travel Expenses

"Thank you so much for the travel guide and money! I put the cheque in the bank today and my win finally seems real! I was so surprised when I saw 'Congratulations' instead of the ubiquitous 'Sorry' - it certainly laid to rest my suspicion that only those who joined all the offers could win. You guys were so nice on the 'phone when I rang up to claim too.Thank you again - what a great site!"

M.Dunlop - Calvin Klein Perfume

"Thank you so much for the Calvin Klein perfume which I won, it was a big surprise because I never win anything. I will certainly be buying some more of it when this bottle is finished because it smells gorgeous.Thank you once again."

K.Roberts - Kenwood Stainless Steel Kettle

"Thank you for my prize which arrived today, this is the second win I have had and I always recommend this site to all my friends, it's fantastic, thanks again!"

A.Faulkner - £100 Cash

"Thank you. The cheque has been cashed and put towards a new hob for the kitchen, should arrive this Thursday. Thank you very much I still can't get over the fact that I won something, that never happens to me. Once again thank you and keep up the good work."