All Winner's Comments

Here's are a list of the comments we've received from the lucky people who've won one of the competitions on this site.

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J.Bradley - Striped Beach Towel

"Thank you for my prize, it was the first time I have played the competitions on your website.I was quite surprised to win as there are lots of "Instant Win" sites that actually aren't!!Thank you again and I shall continue playing."

A.Webb - £750 All Sport Vouchers

"Instantwin4now really is so simple, it takes just seconds to enter the competitions and you can do it in front of the tv at home! Just try it and you could win £750 of vouchers like or me or even more."

C.Bijok - £500 H Samuel Gift Card

"Many thanks, I have now received the gift voucher. It was a pleasant surprise when I had won this prize. I had to get my wife to double check I was seeing clearly! This is the first time I've won a prize of this value on the internet. This particular prize pleased my wife, as you can imagine she started reeling off all the jewellery she would like. I do like this site as there are no hidden catches, which may be incurred towards the prize, like buy one get one free. Many thanks again and I shall continue playing."

Panasonic Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner

C.Coleman - Panasonic Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner

"I never thought for a moment my numbers would come up, but it just shows that by playing instantwin4now how lucky I was to win the Panasonic cylinder cleaner. I confirmed my details with you and in an instant Kath said Congratulations. I want to thank you very much, because I have never really won anything in my life, so all you people out there who have not tried instantwin4now, I suggest that you start playing; and then maybe you will be one of the lucky ones also."

E.Quinn - £500 New Look Vouchers

"Hello Instantwin4now: I would like to thank you for my £500 vouchers which I received as a cheque it is fun to play on Instantwin4now and to win is even better. Goodluck everyone. Thank you."

Armani Mania Perfume

L.Sultan - Armani Mania Perfume

"Thank you instant win4now for my Armani Mania perfume! I always enter the competitions in the hope that one day i will be lucky - and it turned out myday had arrived! Thanks again - look forward to winning more goodies soon hehe."

D.Ellis - 1 Year's Supply of Lottery Tickets

"Thank you very much for my prize. I was so surprised I had won. Let's just hope I can go on and win the lottery as I have many more chances to enter! I will certainly tell people about instantwin4now! Many thanks."

D.Johnson - £1000 Marks & Spencer Vouchers

"I've just spoken to your office and I will be sent £1,000 in Marks & Spencer vouchers next week!! Wow!!Fantastic!! I love this site, you can pick the prize that really appeals and then go for it - this time, I actually won it!! Can't quite believe it's true - I only moved house in February this year so there's things for the house, clothes, food/wine, pressies - think I've spent the vouchers in my head already!!!Thank you, it's a great site... easy to use, completely compelling and even better now I've won. I will be telling all my friends ...Thank you again."

B.Martin - Car Protective Cover

"Thank you, its the first time I have won anything. Keep the comps coming, I will keep trying."