All Winner's Comments

Here's are a list of the comments we've received from the lucky people who've won one of the competitions on this site.

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GHD Hair Straighteners

A.Morgan - GHD Hair Straighteners

"Thanks for your prompt response. I couldn't believe it when the word "Congratulations" appeared on my screen, it is such a good feeling! Proof that people DO win these competitions after all, for all those sceptics out there... I must admit, I was one until the other day...Cheers."

T.Hughes - Chelsea Football Shirt

"Many, many thanks. I will pester my older children to do the honours regarding taking a photo as I will keep the Chelsea shirt quiet from Mark. Actually, I bet I won't, in which case I will take a photo of him wearing it when it arrives! As for your competitions, try keeping me away!!! Lots of warm wishes, many thanks again."

I.Sutherland - Deal or No Deal Electronic Board Game

"This is the first thing I have won in nearly twenty years. Thanks very much. It was so nice to see my name on the website."

G.Kaye - £500 Clarks Voucher

"I would like to say that I still can't believe how easy winning was and that I'm still in shock that there was no gimmicks or long phone calls to have to deal with before I could receive my prize. I have spent the entire day telling everyone I know about the site so hopefully they can log on and start winning as well, I will certainly keep trying to win some more prizes as it really is the easiest way to win that I have ever come across."

M.Nelson - Vidal Sassoon Hairdryer

"Thanks for the email and when the hairdryer arrives I will see what I can do about a photo.I might have to wait until I win a camera hahaha."

A.Finch - Wallace and Gromit Booty Goodies

"Many thanks for your email. By way of a "nice" comment, I really do enjoy the Instantwin4now site (honest!!) and generally try to catch up with it every day (shows how sad I am, I suppose - the fact that I have nothing better to do!!!). If I am honest, it probably does actually lift my spirits just playing around on the computer: keeps the brain active (what's left of it,anyway)."

K.Ainsworth - Compact Breadmaker

"I was completely amazed that I had the winning combination of numbers, I never thought I would get it..............Fantastic, still can't believe it.Many Thanks and I will be entering more."

A.Powell - Kenwood 2 Slice Toaster

"Great fun website, good prizes and easy to play."

J.Conway - TV/DVD Combi

"I would like to thank all at Instantwin4now for my prize.It felt wonderful to win this TV/VCR combi, as it's the best prize I've ever won.I look forward each day to selecting what I would like to win next! I am spoiled for choice.Again many thanks."